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Hello beautiful people :) 

Since it is now February I decided to celebrate the beginning of a new month with a... Boots haul.... (Guilty) For me winter is always the most difficult time to maintain moisturised skin and so I invested in different moisturising products. 

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub 
My all time favourite scrub. Made with essential oils of coconut, jojoba, almond and sea salt it makes your skin polished as well as moisturised. I recommend using this product once or twice a week as it is quite thick and harsh. Also, another benefit - lasts forever :)

Sanctuary Spa Comforting Night Butter
I think this is my favourite body cream at the moment. It has a marvellous smell, which comforts but also makes me feel relaxed and beautiful when I go to sleep. The mix of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense perfectly blended together help me falling asleep as well. Not sure if anyone else thinks so but it reminds me of a perfume I love so much by Tom Ford, Black Orchid.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Oil
This is a rescue treatment when I am feeling that my skin is getting dry, I apply it after taking a shower and let it sink in. It is made of natural seed oil, so it smells neutrally but you can always add some essential oils such as Eucalyptus or Lavender. 

Aveeno Cream
Aveeno products are perfect for dry skin, like Neutrogena they don't have a strong smell, but work wonders. After using make-up wipes, I experienced a dry skin problem, which is why I decided to buy a good moisturiser and throw away the wipes! We all know that even the best make-up doesn't look good on dry patches so remember about MOISTURISING!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder
I bought this powder as it was recommended by other beauty bloggers. I really like the fruity smell. It is small so ideal to carry around, and it has a mirror inside which is definitely useful. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 
The colour is gorgeous pink, and let's be honest, it is a bold colour. I believe it suits almost everyone. It is easy to apply, but you have to be careful not too put too much. Ideally it should be used with a lip liner. Oh and it has a matte finish. <3

Collection Long Lasting Perfection Concelear 
This is another product I repurchased in Boots as it is fantastic. It covers everything you want to cover, stays on for a long time, and does not leave your face looking like a cake. I like it!

Rimmel Scandalous Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner
I personally prefer crayon eyeliners to liquid eyeliners, and I will be testing this one out. It looks good, it is quite soft and dark black so looks promising. 

Seventeen Sculpting Brow Pencil 
Nice for highlighting the shape of your eyebrows, and enhancing their shape. Perfect brown shade compared to many eyebrow pencils which look a bit ginger. The brush helps to spread the product evenly.

Benefit They Are Real Mascara
There is a lot of hype around this mascara, so I decided to give it a try. I was positively surprised as it is really good, making your eyelashes look long and thick without sticking them together. I understand the hype now.

Maybeline The Volum' Express Colossal Smokey Mascara
My friend recommended this to me saying this is an amazing product which will add volume to my lashes. This is exactly what I am always aiming for when applying mascara. Another advantage- it separates the lashes making them look natural.

Those are all the products I got during my February Boots haul, I hope you found this review useful. If you have any Boots favourites let me know!

Ania's advice:

1. Moisturising is a priority
2. Ditch make-up remover wipes
3. Go crazy on Boots Haul


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Maybelline The Volum' Express Colossal Smokey Mascara

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