February Essentials

Hello Beauties <3

Another month has passed so quickly and we are in March already, isn't that insane? Although the February is the shortest month, I have loved every bit of it! Hope you did too <3 Here are some of my February essentials, products I was using obsessively last month!

Tom Ford Black Orchid 
This is the perfume I have been dreaming about for the last six months... it is simply divine. I got it on Valentines day and this is probably the best Valentines gift I ever got *-* Perfect for evenings as it is very rich and a quite heavy scent. Smells gorgeous, looks very chic and well it is DIVINE. 

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray
Although this month was great, winter always ruins my hair. The wind, rain and cold make my hair dry and fragile. In order to avoid it I use the Macadamia Healing oil spray every day before brushing my hair to moisturise them and to leave a protective layer of oils before leaving the house. You can also use it to reduce freeze and and make your hair smooth.

Dr Irena Eris Muesli Body Scrub With Cocoa Beans
This is a scrub I discovered when I was in a Spa in Poland, and I absolutely adore it! It smells marvellous - another yummy product :) It looks and feels like muesli, works well, removing dead skin and it is not too harsh so you can use it twice a week. I think the packaging is just amazing, I love how it looks, and it looks the same way it feels - luxurious. (Available online)

L'Occitane Shea Light Comforting Cream  
I wrote about this in my previous post about L'Occitane Shea series, and I have been using it during February as it is great and could not put it down. Light, smells great and a nice moisturiser. Perfect for winter! 

EOS Honey Suckle Honey Dew Lip balm
Doesn't everyone love EOS? I think I would just buy it because of the way it looks... but on a serious note, I wouldn't be able to get through February without a proper lip balm. It needs to be moisturising and leave your lips smooth. This one is my favourite, as it smells like honey <3 and come on, it is CUTE. 

Ania's Advice:
1. Use hair oil to keep the moisturised and smooth
2. Do NOT buy products just because they are cute
3. Forget advice no 2 :P


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