Treat Yourself this Valentines Day! *-*

Hello Beauties <3

So tomorrow is the day who many hate and others love, and many start hating it months before due to hundreds of gift guides out there. I know that many beauty bloggers are doing gift guides but instead I wanted to create a gift guide for yourself. So why don't you treat Yourself on this Valentines Day?

Sanctuary Spa Smoothing Silk Polish
If you saw my post about Boots Haul you know that I am in love with the smell of the purple Sanctuary Spa Series. This body polish also smells gorgeous, and stays on your skin after leave the shower which is an amazing advantage of course. No matter whether you are single or in a relationship. You deserve to pamper yourself ;)

L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil
I think you realised that I am into the Almond series from L'Occitane. This miracle oil does wonders, and I am not joking. After using it you notice the immediate effects such as plump, glowing skin and beautiful smell. If you use it for a longer period of time, you will notice that your skin is becoming firm, and moisturised improving its appearance. Althought it is quite costly, whenever I buy it I feel so happy :)

Lush Lip Scrubs
I got both of these from my amazing friend from Spain, hence the Spanish labels :) I am absolutely in love with both of them. The Popcorn one is so yummy, made with coconut oil, sugar, jojoba oil and salt it actually does taste like sweet and salty popcorn. 

Bubblegum Lip Scrub, as you probably realise smells like candy. Yes, I know- I can't believe it as well. Both of those scrubs are so nice to use, they make your lips smooth, taste great and smell so tasty.... Just don't eat them, I know its tempting <3

Body Shop Harmonising Massage Oil
This massage oil can be used as a relaxing body oil. It smells of a mixture of herbs, relaxing your body and mind. It is on my Body Shop Favourites list!

Buy an elegant candle to create a relaxing ambiance, I love candles, so I always look for some new designs. The White Company has some gorgeous ones <3

Ania's advice:

1. Treat yourself
2. Be happy 
3. Do NOT eat your lip scrubs ;)


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