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I have been thinking about this post for quite a while now, and for the past few months, I have been testing different deodorants to see how they worked. I found that it is quite difficult to find a deodorant that will really suit you. They are either too mainstream, or they smell beautifully but are not efficient. So here are the ones I have tried and loved <3

NUXE Body Long Lasting Deodorant
My current favourite! I absolutely love this one as it smells great. I was a bit afraid that since it is alcohol-free it will not be as efficient, but I am in love <3. This deodorant is made with natural mineral alum powder, which reduces perspiration. The coconut oil combined with almonds and orange petals compose this gorgeous smell. <3 If you have sensitive skin, you can definitely use this deodorant as one of its ingredients is allantoin and vegetable glycerine so it will keep your skin smooth, soothing shaving reactions. It is also paraben-free which is another advantage. It is not as strong, so if you are going to work out, take an anti-perspirant. NUXE is my current personal favourite - definitely worth trying :)

Smell: 10/10
Efficiency: 7/10
Design: 10/10

Vichy Deodorant 48 Hour Soothing Anti- Perspirant For Sensitive Skin 
If you don't like scented deodorants, this is a perfect choice for you. It does not smell, but due to its effectiveness it will ensure 48h protection. This deodorant is ideal for sensitive skin as well as for soothing irritated skin after shaving. It is hypoallergenic, alcohol- free and perfume-free so if you do not want to use an organic deodorant as their effectiveness is reduced, you should definitely try this one out. It keeps skin dry and fresh so no need to worry about reapplying again. What I miss is a scent which I really liked in NUXE and Fenjal. You need to decide whether you prefer no scent and maximum protection or a scented deodorant with reduced effectiveness. It is hard to decide, but this is also a marvellous product. 

Smell: n/a
Efficiency: 10/10
Design: 8/10

Fenjal Cream Deo Roll-on
This roll was really different to the ones I saw on the shelf, and I am not going to lie, it was mainly its packaging and the smell that seduced me into buying it. The smell is soothing, and relaxing which is why I like to wear it in the evenings. The protection is good, however I felt the need to re-apply it throughout the day. Dries quickly, easy to apply and does not leave marks. What I did not like so much, was the glass bottle, which if you travel a lot is quite inconvenient, as it is heavy and can break if dropped. Advantage - no alcohol or preservatives. Would buy this product again :)

Smell: 9/10
Efficiency: 7/10
Design: 7/10

Products listed:
NUXE Deodorant
Vichy Deodorant 
Fenjal Cream Deo Roll-on

Ania's advice:
1. Find a deodorant that works for you
2.  Buy 10 deodorants and decide which one you love
3.  Keep buying new deodorants because you love new products *-*


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