I Love... Cosmetics Review

I Loooooove... cosmetics! Don't We All? 

Today I wanted to share some thoughts with you on the products from the brand I Love... cosmetics <3 This beauty brand is so cute, and delicious it is definitely worth trying! I cannot ever decide which ones to get as they are all great! I have been testing these to find out which scent and products are my favourite. What I loved from the beginning was that they are soap- free, paraben free and pH balanced and contain a lot of healthy ingredients like Shea Butter or extracts from natural honey and almond. Very high quality for the price <3

                                                  Raspberry & Blackberry Hand Cream
I am a hand cream addict, I think everybody knows that. This hand cream comes in a big size so I leave it at my desk or by my bed. It smells fruity of course, and so I particularly like to use it during spring and summer. You can really feel the nourishing Shea butter and coconut oil. Good every day hand cream, and great price for the amount! 

Strawberries & Cream Body Butter
Oh my... this body butter smells so goooood. Strawberry smell was not my smell before but this smell combination is perfect. It smells exactly like strawberries with cream and sugar that you would eat during the summer in your garden. <3 Made with Coconut oil and Shea Butter which are both my favourite ingredients in beauty products. Definitely will make your skin soft and moisturised. Less thick than usual body butters, but absorbs very quickly so you can also use it in the mornings before getting dressed. A must- have for the summer.

Honey & Almond Shower Cream
If you like honey and almond, this is a great shower cream, it is thick and foamy, and does not dry your skin. Great for a pamper evening at home, for travel or everyday use. I am really in love with the design of the packaging for all these products - they all look so gorgeous!

Mint Choco Chip Lip balm
I found this lip balm to work well, it stayed on my lips, moisturised them and was easy to use on the go. I liked the green heart in the middle, and the minty colour of the packaging. Very delicate smell of mint, cannot really smell the chocolate too much. 

The winner of the favourite product competition is... Strawberries & Cream Body Butter*-*

Ania's Advice:
1. Go on  a I love... cosmetics haul
2. Buy every product from a different range
3. Find the scent you love and use religiously. 


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