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Lately I have been trying out some new hair products, as I am getting ready for summer and I need my hair to be prepared for spending days on the beach. Everyone knows that the sun, and salt water cannot be good for the hair especially if you are doing watersports and your hair is always being exposed to the wind. In order to prepare my hair, I tried a moisturizing cream from Rush and this is my new favorite hair product for all summer season.

Apply 2 or 3 pumps to dry or wet damp hair. Smooth over mid-lengths then blow dry,  run your fingers through or comb. I personally used it everyday on dry hair for smoothing down the frizzy hair.

Great product! I used it everyday even few times a day to reduce frizz. The product did not make my hair greasy nor did it weigh it down. I have thick and long hair so I was generous with the product but it still lasted for a long time. Definitely a product I will be repurchasing again and again.

Smell & Texture
I loved the smell and the texture. It smells exactly like professional hair product if that is a helpful description :P It is runny and feels like a standard shampoo without the need to wash off which at the beginning felt rather strange but now I think the texture is ideal for distributing over the hair.

Divine packaging, I like that it has a pump making the usage a lot easer than other creams from tubes. The solid packaging ensures that it looks great throughout it's 'lifetime', not half empty, wringled or used up. Divine colour <3 <3 <3

Ania's advice:
1. Invest some $ in your hair
2. Use hair creams to moisturize your hair
3. Invest A LOT of $$$ in hair care

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