April Favourites

Hi Gorgeous :)

I am over the moon with the stunning weather we have been having in London <3 Great weather, great mood, great beauty shopping... The products in this post are definitely this month's favourites, enhancing my positive mood and the way I look of course :)

YSL Parisienne Perfume
Spring, florals, perfumes - those are my current associations with spring. When spring arrives I take out all of my floral scents from my beauty cabinet and I just spray away... The heart notes consist of Damas Rose, Violet and Peony so the smell is very much floral and fresh. It is definitely a day perfume, as it is quite light I would change it for the evening. Lovely scent, lovely bottle <3

AVEDA Stress-Fix Body Creme
Have you smelt this product? If not go and smell it now, the lavender smell it is so relaxing and calming... so whenever I feel stressed this is an ideal product to use. It is a nourishing body cream, but you can also use if for relaxing massage. I am a fan of lavender and herbal smells as they have calm me down. Perfect for a pamper evening *-*

Maybeline Sensational Mascara
You know when you see a lot of reviews, adverts and social media mentions and then you never consider buying the product but when in store you are suddenly inspired to do so? I had this moment few weeks ago and I bought this mascara. After using Roller Lash from Benefit I was used to an amazing mascara, so this one really had to prove itself :) I was surprised when I tried this, especially considering its price, the product was very good. This lash multiplying mascara does what it promises, making your eye lashes look thicker and longer. I felt like my eyelashes were super long. If you are like me and in the past few months you threw away more mascaras than actually used up, this one might work for you ;)

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner
This toner is a miraculous product, I bought it the other day as I have dry skin so I decided to see whether hydrating toners actually worked. I used it every morning and evening for the best result. After a week of using, my skin felt hydrated, looked brighter and felt plumped. I am a fan of the Vitamin E series anyway but this toner is definitely the best product from the range. I adore the pink packaging as well, it was easy to use, and very effective. Will repurchase again and again. 

Ania's advice:
1. Revive your beauty cupboard with some fresh products
2. Organise a spring pamper evenings with friends
3. Prepare for the summer *-*


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