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This week I have for you a review of the Red Clay Mask from Clayspray! 

About the mask:
Clayspray mask is 95% natural, paraben and fragrance free and not tested on animals. The mask is suitable for all skin types but it is ideal for normal and combination skin and it is exfoliating, nourishing and cleansing the skin. The mask contains 60-65% of pure clay and it is combined with natural spring water filtered through rocks. The mineral rich formula, filled with Iron and Silica boosts Collagen, and the antioxidant rich Cacao neutralises the damaging effects of free radicals.

1. Spray or moisten the skin with natural mineral water
2. Dispense the product in your hand and massage in the area to be treated
3. Avoid contact with eyes
4. Leave on until dry
5. Wash the skin with water until the clay is removed

Impressions during usage:
I followed the instructions to ensure the best results so I did apply the mask on the damp face which was essential as it dries instantly when applied on the dry skin. I left it on for ten minutes, and then took a shower to remove it completely. Easily comes off however it is very messy so don't bother by removing it with a face cloth, just apply it before showering. 

After removing the mask with a lot of water, my skin felt cleansed, smooth and glowing. Immediately  my pores looked reduced. I noticed significant improvement of my skin after using the mask three times and a reduction of impurities. The mask is also mattifying the skin and reducing the sebum production which is another advantage. Unlike purifying masks this one is also hydrating, which ensures your skin will be moisturised, glowing and healthy looking. I will be probably purchasing other products from the Clayspray range as this one has left me very impressed. 

Available at:
The full size product comes in a pressurised container with a sealed inner bag which protect the clay, ensures it is fresh, hygienic and ready to use. It is available to purchase here

Ania's Advice:
1. Apply face masks 1-2 times a weeks
2. Aim to use natural face masks
3. Try a clay mask, they work! 


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