Live it, Love it, Breathe it – Boho Chic

by Remi Mayer
Bohemian is not just a look, it is a state of mind. It has already established itself as an everlasting trend, and most importantly, it allows a girl to express herself. If you consider yourself to be dreamy, gentle and unique, and unwilling to bow to new trends, perhaps boho-chic is the best style for you. It’s a cocktail of a variety of styles, such as hippie, casual, vintage, ethnic, and even a bit oriental.

Every lady has a boho girl within. Just be careful when you wake yours up, not to do that entirely. A hippie girl should be a dreamy. To be a freedom lover and to dress bohemian style, in a way goes perfectly together. So if you’re tormented by stereotypes and rules of this world and the fashion world, the best way to express that stylishly is boho chic. But even this world of uniqueness and freedom of expression has some guidelines.

This style is a way to be connected with nature through fashion, this is why the fabrics which are used are natural like velvet, linen, silk, chiffon, fur, leather, denim, cotton etc. Colors are also inspired by nature, that’s why there are so many earthy tones in boho clothes. There is no boho with neon colors. Floral patterns, Indian or African prints also scream Nature, ergo Boho!

You don’t need a lot of clothes to have a wardrobe full of potential boho outfits. Surely, you already have some of the perfect pieces, but you just didn’t wear them like that before. Nothing says boho as loud as a simple maxi skirt, which you can combine easily with a regular graphic t-shirt or a buttoned-down top. For an everyday hippie look, put on a pair of flared jeans. Nature inspired prints on a maxi dress are an essential.  Go boho on the beach with breezy beach caftans in earthy tones.

Typical shoes for a “bohemian” are neutral colored (brown, olive green, black, tan), flat and extremely comfortable. A true boho chic aficionado has to own a pair of gladiator sandals, a pair of flat knee high slouch boots and at least two pair of ankle boots.  For a little more interesting look, wear shoes and sandals with prints, textures and embellishments like buckles, fringe and beads.

For a true bohemian style outfit, accessories are a must, and they should reflect uniqueness. Jewelry should be made of natural stone, silver or leather. Layered chains make a perfect addition for every boho clothing combination. Feathers or dream catcher inspired jewelry, will contribute nicely to a dreamy and romantic look. Boost your outfit with oversized patterned scarves and conspicuous sunglasses.

Hair and makeup reach boho perfection almost effortlessly. A wavy hair texture is the signature mark of a hippie girl. Another boho related hairstyle are braids. It’s not time consuming and complicated, and the results are always beautiful. Makeup, like everything else when it comes to boho, should look natural. It will be enough to put on a little powder, blush, neutral eye shadow and you’re good to go.

Remi’s advice:
 ‘Adjust the boho style to your own preferences. It should be personal, unique and special. It should be you.’

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