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Hi Beautiful! 

I have been loving these warm, sunny days! Finally I can leave the house without a hat, scarf, gloves, jacket and a ton of other stuff. Anyways, with the spring coming up I need my hair to look perfect. I recently received new hair products from Osmo to try and during the last month I have been using them every time I washed my hair and, and wow these products are DIVINE.

OSMO Binding Shine Shampoo
This shampoo has made my dry hair look amazing again. It moisturised them, added shine and volume. Enriched with Cedar wood and Rosemary this gentle shampoo made my hair glossy, shiny and gorgeous. What was great is that this effect lasted for the next two days without the need to use hairspray or any other products. 

OSMO Binding Shine Conditioner
This conditioner is very moisturising and does not weigh your hair down. I find that when my hair is damaged and dry it takes me forever to brush it. This conditioner got rid of the tangled hair which made the whole brushing process a lot quicker. With its smoothing formula it reduced frizz, smoothed down my hair and boosted the volume. The shampoo and conditioner need to be used together for the perfect result. 

OSMO Berber of Oil MASK
Last but definitely not least Berber Oil MASK. This mask you can apply from root to tip to moisturise and repair your hair. You can use it every time you wash your hair or as a weekly treatment. This mask is filled with the precious organ, avocado and olive and which nourish the hair, replenish the elasticity and strengthen the hair. It is ideal for the summer since we are soon going to be exposed to the sun, wind and salt water. Definitely a great investment, I found it very effective and after few washes I could really see the difference. You will get beautiful, moisturised, full of volume shiny hair. Isn't that what everyone wishes for?

Ania's advice:
1. Do not wash your hair every day 
2. Leave conditioner/ mask on for 10-15 mins
3. Get all the attention *-*


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  1. oo I've never heard of OSMO but these sound amazing! xx


    1. Hi <3 They are not available at Boots or Superdurg but professional hair salons and amazon/ feel unique so that's why you haven't seen them. You should definitely give those a try if you have dry hair or just want a good hair product x Ania

  2. Sounds so interesting. Thanks for sharing. xx


    1. Thank you! :) Do you have any favourite hair products now? x Ania

  3. I have their mask and it's amazing! <3

    1. Yeah I agree :) Definitely good for dry hair! x Ania


Thanks for commenting x Ania