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If you are a nail addict and love nails, nail varnishes and everything related to nails, this is a dream come true. 

About Nailbox (
Nailbox is a new subscription box, which delivers four or three nail polishes and one or two nail accessories to your door every month. There are many subscription boxes out there but this one is unique as it will only send you nail related items so you don't need to worry that the products you will get, will be lying in your beauty cupboard unopened. They will be delivered on the 21st of each month so you can note that down in your agenda ;)

The nailbox team carefully chooses the polishes to fit the month, as you can see the April box contains a lot of pastels so that you get your nails ready for spring. I cannot wait to see what will be included into next months boxes <3

April Nailbox Contents
The April Nailbox contained gorgeous nail polishes from OPI, China Glaze, Essie and Revlon. There was also a cute nail file from Essie and you can never have too many of those right? 

Opi Kiss Me On My Tulips Nail Laquer
This is definitely my favourite nail polish from the April box, it looks so stunning. The colour is very vibrant, perfect for spring and brightening up my dark wardrobe :) It stays on for 3 days more or less which is a success as nail polishes usually stay on my nails for a day... Great product <3 

Essie Muchi Muchi Nail Laquer
Who doesn't love baby pink nail polish? Beautiful colour, very delicate, girly so another spring colour. Essie's nail polishes are known for their quality, so once again I am not disappointed. The baby pink looks gorgeous so this is definitely another spring essential as it goes with everything. I am not surprised the beauty bloggers are obsessed with it!

China Glaze Peachy Keen Nail Laquer
Orange is definitely the colour of the summer, it will look great on the beach, during a festival or even   at work. This colour as you can see by looking at its name, is a peachy orange so it is a universal colour. I am a fan of China Glaze. I particularly like the design of the polishes, and the brush which makes nail painting so much easier. 

Revlon Buttercup Nail Enamel
Yellow is not usually the colour of nail polish I would go for, but this one, I must say, was a surprise. The pale yellow looks perfect on tanned hands, another colour great for summer festival :) I loved how easy it was to apply, and how even the colour it looked on nails. 

 Essie nail file 
Lovely nail file, I carry it in my bag so that I always have it when I am out. It's light, compact and does the job - 10/10

The products arrived in a simple, paper box with foam to protect the nail polishes. I quite like the simplicity of the box, it looks minimalistic and clean. I guess it could be a bit more extravagant and themed for different seasons like the other subscription boxes, but then the simplicity is what makes Nailbox unique.

The price for is £13.50 (including P&P £15)

How much is it worth?

The nail polishes inside were amazing. They are definitely the trendy colours for spring and summer so you can be sure that the products you will get will be popular, new and fashionable. The nail polishes are by the best nail brands. My favourite nail polish from this box is by OPI <3 It looks divine! Great value for money, and you get great quality products! Definitely a subscription box worth signing up to. 

Ania's advice:
1. Subscribe to nailbox
2. Subscribe your friends
3. Get gorgeous looking nails


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