May Essentials

Hello lovely people <3

I think this has been by far the busiest month this year. I was submitting my dissertation, moving out of my flat and looking for a new job, so it was so hectic. As every month, I have some favourite products that I used through the month (You definitely need to try my new shampoo!)

Lush BIG Shampoo 
My top favourite product this month was BIG shampoo by Lush. I bought it in the AMAZING Lush on Oxford Street which is not only the biggest Lush store in the world but it is also my new beauty temple :)

The shampoo is made with sea salt, seaweed, Coconut Oil and Neroli Oil (other ingredients also). As you probably realised after looking at its name, it is a volumising shampoo which makes your hair look bigger, gives it this messy texture and also deeply cleanses your hair. 

What I really liked about this shampoo is that, as all Lush products it is 100% natural and it is also very effective. My hair looked great after washing. I already have quite thick hair but the sea salt gave it this gorgeous texture. 

The Coconut Oil and Neroli Oil moisturised my hair so they balanced the possible drying effect of the coarse sea salt. Not to mention the beautiful smell and the texture of the shampoo. I used it once a week, and alternated it with my Kerastase shampoo, so that my hair was not constantly exposed to salt. I would give this shampoo 10/10 - love at first sight! 

Superdrug Nail Strength Serum 
I have been painting my nails every other day lately so the constant exposure to acetone and nail varnish weakened my nails. Since I always forget to apply nail repair products I needed something to have in my handbag and use on the go. 

I found this Serum in Superdrug the other day and decided to give it a try - since then I have been using it every time when on the bus/tube or whenever I found it in my bag. Filled with strengthening Pro-Vitamin B5, it is a great serum for nails, strengthening them and softening the cuticles as well. 

I tried using it daily, sometimes even twice a day and you could really feel the difference after few weeks of using. Also another advantage over nail repair varnishes - it smells divine <3 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Finish 
Who doesn’t love matte pink lips? I love to add colour to my face during the summer months. The Bourjois velvet is ideal for the hot summer days as it stays on the lips, does not smudge and last for the whole day. When you apply it, it is liquid and when it dries it becomes matte, making your lips look absolutely stunning. The shade, is called Ole flamingo! It is a vibrant, intense pink which brings out your beauty features. Definitely a summer must- have.  Just make sure that you keep your lips hydrated t as it can be quite drying. 

L'Occitane Lavender Moisturising Hand Lotion
Every girl should have a hand lotion by her bathroom sink, there is no question about it. This month I have been loving the Lavender Lotion from L'Occitane as it is quite light and moisturising, filled with Shea Butter and Lavender essential oils. The smell of lavender is calming which when you have a stressful month like me, is a perfect instant remedy, straight from Provence <3 

Ania's advice:
1. Visit Lush in Oxford Street
2. Go crazy with lipsticks
3. Stay in the sun *-*


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