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Sorry for posting once a week but lately there is just so much going on that I don't have time for anything. I will try to post twice a week in July I promise <3 Lately I have been testing the Dark Circle Eraser by SkinPep to get rid of dark circles under my eyes. I feel like with this product it is very important to talk about what it is made of, as it is filled with such precious ingredients.

Dark Circle Eraser is a cream aiming to to reduce eye puffiness, get rid of dark circles and improve the appearance of skin. It strengthens the area around the eyes, restoring the moisture, activating blood circulation and support collagen integrity. 

Diminishing Under Eye Bags + Maximise Collagen and Elastin
Soothing botanical extracts Algae, Grape Seed, Red Ginseng, Green tea - protect the skin from the effects of free radicals and strengthen the blood vessels. 

Lecithin - assists the absorption of Growth Factors, antioxidant complex and Matrixyl.

Diminishing Eye Pufiness and Dry Skin 
Witchhazel & Ginseng - reduce eye pufiness; Collagen and Glycerene ensure optimal collagen hydration; Shea butter, Primrose oil and Jojoba oil moisturise the skin to ensure skin hydration and healthy look.
Skin conditioning
Consists 38 Antioxidants, Botanicals and best skin conditioning agents to ensure that your skin gets what it needs, stays healthy and looks plump and divine. 

Apply a small amount under eye area. Use applicator to massage around the orbital bone until the eye bags and puffiness are reduced. Keep in your fridge for cooling effect. Use daily to reduce appearance of bags, dark eye circles & improve skin tone.

I really loved this product! First of all, it works best when it is kept in the fridge so I treated it as a dark eye circles remedy. The cooling effect is what you need after a long night out, hard day at work or just a pamper evening. 

The applicator is perfect for massaging the eye area, after the cream is applied, as it really stimulates the blood flow, and ensures that those precious ingredients are supplied to the deeper skin layers as well. 

The eye puffiness and dark circles are reduced after one use, and when I used it regularly I noticed that the skin under my eyes became lighter which of course made my make-up look better as well. Definitely a great miracle product to achieve the perfect look, ensure you look fresh and make people think you slept the 'essential' 8 hours ;) A summer must have! Available here 

Ania's advice:
1. Invest in SkinPep
2. Ensure the products you buy are made of good ingredients
3. Fall in love with the summer 


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