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 Hello Beauties!

Summer is fast approaching, some of you are probably already getting your suitcases ready to go to some exotic places, spend whole days at the beach and enjoy the endless summer nights. I definitely cannot wait to go travelling this summer, catch up with friends and do things for which I didn't have time during my last year at uni. 

I decided to write a post about haircare as it is so important during the summer, as the hair is constantly exposed to the damaging effects of sun, salt water and wind. Also we tend not to spend so much time caring about our hair so by the end of the summer it looks like a disaster. This summer I decided to prepare and chose the most repairing, moisturising and nourishing products that contain precious ingredients, which will ensure your hair stays glamorous during the summer <3

Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force Reinforcing Shampoo
I was recommended this product by my amazing hairdresser who told me that my hair is tangled because it is dry so it needs a high dose of moisturising and strengthening products. After the first use you can feel that your hair is softer and feels hydrated. You don't need a lot of the shampoo as it is very efficient. The hair smells fantastic after just one use :)

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Anti- Usure
The conditioner works together with the shampoo to straighten the hair, rebuilding its' internal strength. I would leave it on for 10-15 minutes and would stay in a sauna or have a towel wrapped around my hair as conditioners work best in warm temperature. This conditioner reviewed my dry and damaged hair and made it look luscious and beautiful.

Aveda Damage Remedy
Aveda Damage Remedy is one of those products which you will forever repurchase. It is a leave in treatment which repairs and straightens hair. It also creates a protective layer, preventing the hair from getting damaged by heat and it also detangles the hair. I absolutely loved this product, as I already said my hair is very long and often becomes dry and tangled, this product really helps in everyday maintenance of the hair. The hair is nourished with the quinoa, which repairs damage and essential oils such as bergamot, mandarin and yang ylang. 

Aveda Dry Remedy
This is my summer essential, I use it everyday without fail as it makes my hair soft, controls frizz, moisturises the dry ends, and makes it look gorgeous. This miracle product is 99.9% natural, which you can apply to your hair daily and leave it in. The mystery ingredient is the buriti oil which is a very rich, nourishing oil providing your hair with all the essential nutrients it needs. Great to carry in your hand bag and use when needed *-*

 The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray
My hair is so long and thick and because of that it gets very tangled all the time, especially when it is dry which is usually the case during the summer. I recently started using the Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray to help me untangle the hair and it really works! I would spray my hair, leave it on until it was dry and then my hair would be so much easier to brush. It also contains a UV filter so it protects your hair from the Sun, and moisturises your hair with essential oils and aloe vera. What I love about this spray is that it comes in a big bottle, it is easy to apply and smells of lovely rainforest fruits <3 Just make sure you don't apply too much to avoid weighing down your hair.

Ania's advice
1. Remember to use nourishing products
2. Do not cut your hair!!!
3. Get all the good looking guys *-*


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