Australian Bodycare Tea tree Oil Blemish Stick Review

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I am sure every single one of you suffered from a spot, blemish or another facial disaster during their life. Luckily, I do not get that many breakouts, but occasionally I do... and I never know what to do with them. Recently I discovered the Blemish Stick from Australian Bodycare which I fell in love with  *-*

Australian Bodycare is a brand focusing on Tea Tree Oil since 1992. The brand chose to use mainly tea tree oil due to its antiseptic properties which work wonders on cuts, spots and blemishes. The brand offered a range of products, suitable for all skin types and ages. 

'Australian Bodycare is all about skin care... lending a welcoming helping hand in keeping  skin healthy and beautiful'

Tea Tree Oil - fungicidal, antiseptic & antibacterial. Restores skin's bacterial flora and heals the skin without harming the cell and tissue growth

Witch hazel - cools and calms, taking stinging or irritation out of blemishes

Polygrlyceryl- 3- Caprylate & Caprylyl Glycol - emulsifiers that react with bacteria on the skin

Panthenol - aids healing

Hammamelis Virginiana Water - calming, soothing, reduces redness and inflammation

Allantoin - soothes and repairs the skin

I love that the product comes in a small bottle, with a rollerball feature. The small size makes it very easy to carry around wherever I go, so I can always have it with me. The rollerball feature ensures even distribution of the product and decreases the possibility of bacteria getting into the tube. You can be sure that the product will not spill in your bag which always happens with my beauty products.

The blemish stick worked very well on spots and blemishes. I applied it whenever I had a breakout to 
ensure that the spot was disinfected, and to quicken the healing process. I found the product very effective, reducing the redness around the infected area, and healing the spots. For best effects it should be used 3-4 times a day.

Not only does tea tree oil have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, but it also works as a mosquito repellant. Definitely a great emergency product and a festival must-have!

Available here (Price: £5.10)

Ania's advice
1. Check out the properties of tea tree oil
2. Remember you can always get rid of blemishes
3. Carry the blemish stick wherever you go


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