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Recently I received a box of products from Derma V10, a beauty brand which provides beauty products for less. I was pleasantly surprised to see products which did not cost a fortune, and worked well on my skin. The hand cream, the multi-radiance cream and the day cream reviewed in this post are perfect examples showing that you do not need to spend a fortune to be beautiful <3 

Q10 Innovations Hand & Nail Cream with Beeswax (SPF 10)
I don't know about you, but I never had a hand cream with an SPF so when I got this I was excited to try it, especially that you can often tell a woman's age by looking at her hands. It is very important to take care of your hands, moisturise then and protect them from harmful sun rays to prevent premature ageing and age spots. I really like this hand cream, as it contains beeswax which smells lovely and is very nourishing. The cream also contains Vitamin E which revives tired looking skin, leaving your hands feeling smooth and glowing *-*

Q10 Innovations Multi radiance cream 
This is definitely my favourite item from this box. I have dry skin so I am always searching for that perfect face cream that will moisturise and regenerate my face. This cream contains all the essential ingredients to really nourish your skin (Vitamin B3, B5, E and Allantoin). It also contains SPF 15 so it is an ideal every day face cream. It is more thick than the day cream mentioned below, but then again it is also moisturising. I am in love with the smell of this cream, whenever I applied it, I was instantly in a good mood. A must-have product <3

Q10 Innovations Day Cream 
I like this face cream as it is very light and quickly absorbs into the skin. It contains the coenzyme Q10 and carnitine which make the skin look stunning, firm and radiant. What I liked about this cream is that is has this smooth texture, does not make my face greasy and I would apply it 30 seconds before going to work. It is perfect under make-up, keeping your face looking fresh and radiant. I like the simple packaging. 

Cocoa Body Butter
This is the most beautifully smelling product from this selection. It smells of sweet Shea butter, filled with goodness. This body butter is thick, moisturising, and skinks into the skin quite quickly. I did not know that the product would change my skin tone to more tanned (it washes off after a shower). If you want to have a darker, better looking skin, then give this a try, just make sure that it sinks into your skin before you put on some clothes as it may stain them.

Nose Pore Strips
I must admit I was always sceptic about those pore strips which are also supposed to unclog and remove blackheads as the ones I previously used had little effect on my skin. I decided to try this one from Derma V10 to see whether it will work. I was positively surprised as the more I used the strips, the better my skin looked, and the blackheads were removed every time I applied it. Very good product, and the best results are when used in a series, twice a week for a month.

Hair Chalk 
If you are not bold enough to permanently dye your hair green but really want to see how you would look, this is a solutions for you. This chalk is very straight forward to use, and washes off when you wash your hair. It is summer so no one will blame you for being a little crazy :) 

These products are available in Poundland & Tesco :)

Ania's advice
1. Try Derma V10
2. Let me know what you love
3. Stay stunning <3


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