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Usually I talk about beauty products that you can an use externally, but to have beautiful skin and hair you need to ensure you have a balanced diet, full of vitamins and nutrients. Recently I was sent this amazing box full of healthy baked fruits from the wonderful Urban Fruit PR team and since I have always liked dried fruit this was a great product for me to try. Now I absolutely love Urban Fruit and I am never buying any other dried fruits!

These snacks are made with 100% fruit, no added sugar, sulphites or concentrates unlike other dried fruits available on the market. The fruits are grown, then collected and baked, with no nasty additions during the process. The Urban Fruit products are available in 8 flavours so you have no excuse by saying you don't like it! 

The Urban Fruit are great snacks as they are low in fat so if you are taking care of your body and are avoiding greasy snacks this is perfect for you. They are also high in fibre and gluten free. It is not a secret that fruits are great for your health as well as for your skin and hair, therefore eating those 5 a day is essential. The Urban Fruit are available in two sizes, 35g and 90g/100g, the 35g packs are already 1 of your 5 a day. See? It's that easy :)

After trying a range of the Urban Fruit snacks, I can honestly say that I really liked them. My personal favourites were Smashing Strawberry and Cheeky Cherry. Whenever I was hungry, I just grabbed one of these. Definitely I will buy those regularly as they are a much healthier snacks than crips or peanuts... and the best thing is that they are low in fat *-*

Available at
Boots, Amazon, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Sainsbury, Co-op, Wilkos, Tesco, Asda

 Ania's advice
1. Eat 5 fruits of vegetables a day
2. Always carry Urban Fruit in your hand bag
3. Don't stop being gorgeous *-*


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