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Hi Gorgeous 

Hope your autumn is going well, mine definitely is :) I have a few products that I would like to share with you today which I really enjoyed using during September. I have something from haircare, skincare and make-up so I hope you will like it and share with me what were your favourite beauty products x

 Shwarzkopf Essence Ultimate Omega Repair Shampoo
This new range from Shawarzkopf has stolen my heart. I haven't used this brand as much before so I did not know what to expect but I was amazed when I tried it. My hair is quite difficult to manage as it tends to get dry and tangled so the moment I use the wrong shampoo I will spend the next two hours untangling my hair. With this shampoo my hair has been looking great, hydrated and shiny again. This shampoo is definitely worth purchasing and trying (Available here £4.99)

 Shwarzkopf Essence Ultimate Omega Repair Conditioner
The conditioner is always what defines a good hair range. The Ultimate Omega Repair Conditioner is divine, I cannot quite define the smell but it smells great! It is a very hydrating product, but it does not weight my hair down, so I can apply it on the whole surface of my hair excluding the roots (if that makes sense!). My tip is to leave it on for few minutes whilst you use your shower gel, do a face scrub or any other ritual. This will ensure that the conditioner has enough time to work through your hair and really nourish it. This range claims to repair inside damage hair cells & prevents split ends by up to 90%, and after using it I can tell you I believe it :) (Available here £4.99)

The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask
This is already my second pot of this mask and I use it religiously. It is made of honey and oats so you can probably imagine how gorgeous it smells. It is a 3 in 1 product, meaning it is a scrub, a cleanser and a moisturiser in one. I apply it whenever I want a little pamper session and it really puts me in a great mood. Lovely smell, lovely results, lovely product! For a full review see my review of the mask here :) (Available here £11)

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is probably the best drugstore concealer on the market right now. It provides great coverage, hides away any imperfections and conceals dark circles. In short - it does it all. I use it all year round especially during automn and winter when my tan fades away (Available here £4.19) 

Burt's Bee Honey Lip Balm 
I always like Burt's Bees as a brand... I started liking it even more after I saw the film Burt's Buzz which was a great documentary and every beauty blogger should watch it! This is a marvellous lip balm, it nourishes dry, chapped lips and smells soooo good. I think the magic is in the bees wax, I love bees... and the best part about this lip balm? It is 100% natural *-* (Available here £3.69)

Sunkissed Bronzer in Medium
Lately, I was looking for a large bronzer which would look good on my skin and would have a bit of shimmer in it. I fount this one from Sunkissed and I really liked it. I am loving the packaging and the two different colours that you can mix in for darker or lighter shades. The bronzer looks amazing on my cheeks and it stays on for the whole day. And come on... it is very very pretty! (Available here £4.99)

Ania's advice
1. Stay positive even thought is autumn 
2. Send me your favourites
3. Go on an Autumn Haul 


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  1. That concealer is definitely my favourite drugstore concealer. It's dead cheap but works amazing! Also The Body Shop scrub sounds really good, I'll try it out soon x

    1. I know! Such a great product :) Let me know how you find the Body Shop scrub mask :) x Ania

  2. Great post as always! <3 I love the Burt's Bees lip balm, I tried the pomegranate flavour recently and it is sooo yummmyyy. I'm also very tempted by that Body Shop mask! Their products are always awesome =) <3


    1. Hi Kay! Thank you for your lovely comment! <3 The pomegranate looks so amazing as well I am definitely going to try it out! The body shop mask is so worth trying! x Ania

  3. Burt's Bees is a great brand. Really lovely and they smell so gorgeous! :) xx

    1. I totally agree, I want to get their hand cream next time! x Ania

  4. LOVE burt's bees products. The lip balm is an essential! I've been using their almond milk beeswax hand creme a lot lately.

    1. I love them too! Really? I am definitely going to try this hand cream out, I am searching for a new one actually :) Thanks for the recommendation x Ania


Thanks for commenting x Ania