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Lately, I have been really interested in Korean Skincare products so I decided to try them out and see if they really work. I am addicted o face masks so receiving these masks from the Mask House in the UK was probably the best delivery this month :) In this post I will talk about sheet masks, sleeping creams and a red spot treatment <3 Enjoy! 

Junico Crystal All-in-one Mask (Aloe)
This mask seems to have a solution for everyone. I used it as I wanted to tighten my pores and cleanse my face. After 20 minutes I could see improvement in the appearance of my skin, it looked clearer and the pores were less visible. My skin also looked fresh and energised, even though I only slept for six hours. This mask is also ideal for a more mature skin, as it contains collagen, hyaluronic acid which enhance elasticity and improve wrinkles. (Available here for £1.19)

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Shea Butter
This mask is is incredibly moisturising, so if you have dry and tight skin, this will help. I liked this mask but I did prefer the sleeping creams as they seemed to be more nourishing. Nice mask, nice packaging, worth trying out. (Available here for £1.19)

Bee-tox Stem Cell Mask
This mask is made with bee venom, which is regarded as a natural alternative to botox. It aims to tighten and smooth the skin, moisturise, whiten, stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines and brighten the face. It has a lot of uses so it's a mask for everyone. I applied this mask after a long day when my skin was looking dull and tired. I left this mask on for 20 minutes, and after my skin felt really nourished, moisturised and looked perfectly rested. On my repurchase list! (Available here for £1.19)

Etude House Moonlight In Spoon Blending Cream Green Tea
The smell of this product is lovely. I could definitely smell the delicate green tea, which during an evening routine felt very relaxing and calming. The sleeping cream comes in a little spoon and inside there is cream and gel which you mix together to get the final product. It is quite a rich cream, which feels very luxurious (I don't get that feeling with a lot of skincare products). You leave it on overnight and in the morning you wash it off with water. My skin in the morning was revitalised, nourished and looked glowing. The sleeping creams are my favourite products from this selection of products. (Available here for £1.99)

Etude House Moonlight in Spoon Blending Cream Evening Primrose 
This blending cream is similar to the Green tea variety, but this one aims to make your skin brighter and moisturised. If you are not having any skin problems, this would be more adequate for you than the green tea blending cream. I love the scent for both of these products, and I will be purchasing the other variations soon as well. (Available here for £1.99)

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm
Recently, I started to get breakouts on my face which I am trying to get rid of as quickly as possible. The Red Spot Balm is filled with Salicylic Acid which has antibacterial properties and Hinoki Cypress extracts which heal blemishes. I tried this balm, hoping it would help heal the spots, and I did notice improvements after few uses. The redness disappears, they healed quicker than normally, and the scars faded quicker than usually. 

Ania's advice
1. Face masks are great for your skin
2. Try sheet masks & sleeping cream
3. The Mask House is heaven on Earth*-*


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