Soak Yourself Feeling Groovy Soak Review

Hello Autumn <3

Since there is not much to do these days but relax... Ok, maybe lets start again. Since there is so much too do, that we never find the time to relax, I wanted to remind you about the importance of taking the time out and escaping your work life, school life or any other worries. I recently tried this Bath Ritual Recipe Kit from Soak Yourself, which if you don't know how to relax, will give you all the ingredients and instructions for the perfect, relaxing bath. 

About Soak Yourself
The brand was created by an ex-city busy professional, Jackie Hope who wanted to escape the working hours, the commute and the stressful office life. She decided to create this brand to show people that it is O.K to have the time for yourself, relax and enjoy your time off work.  There are 7 unique ritual kits that are designed to help you relax, and escape all your worries. The brand has strong ethics and aims to give something back, so from every kit sold, 50p is donated to a charity. In addition, all ingredients are sourced from the UK, and they are organic and natural. You just can't ask for more ;)

Feeling Groovy Set Instructions
Run the bath, make yourself camomile tea, then add the crystals provided to the running water to create bubbles. Add 15 drops of the essential oils, swirl the water, add a tablespoon of honey and swirl again. Dim the lights, light the candle, sit in your bath focus on the flickering flame, and let all your negative thoughts leave you. Close your eyes and enjoy the beautiful aromatherapy, the warm water and this one hour, just for yourself. You deserve it. 

What's inside:
- Camomile tea bag
- A pot of organic honey for silky smooth skin
- Scented candle
- Handmade patchouli & vetiver soap
- A bottle of organic essential oils
 (Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine)
- A pot of foaming bath crystals, salts and oats 
- A ticket gor 1 hour to yourself 

What I thought?
I love love love this Feeling Groovy Kit! It is filled with all my favourite ingredients, like lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli which mixed together are the perfect relaxing blend. I tried this kit one evening, after a long, exhausting and stressful day.

I find that aromatherapy is key to an ideal, relaxing evening so all those ingredients, especially the candle contributed to the divine atmosphere. I lit the candle, made myself some delicious chamomile tea, switched off my phone and poured myself a hot bath, adding the divine salts, honey and the essential oils. I really liked the soap as it left my skin feeling smooth and smelling beautifully. The salts with oats smell and look lovely in the water contributing to the relaxing atmosphere.

After my little ritual, my skin was moisturied and nourished thanks to the honey, the bath salts and the soap. One hour with this ritual kit was an amazing experience so I decided to make it a date every week to take a bath with Soak Yourself products.

I am also a fan of the gorgeous packaging, and the way everything is packed together with love and care by a team member from Soak Yourself, who wraps it especially for you and signs her name at the back of the box. Would I buy this again? Yes, and I would love to try the other ritual kits that are available! (Available here, £25)

Ania's advice
1. Find time for 1 hour to Yourself
2. Switch off your phone
3. Take a hot bath with candles, salts and relax *-*


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