Airbase Review

Hi Beauty 
Few weeks ago I attended a lovely Airbase events, and I wanted to share with you the event photos and the revolutionary product I tried. Say bye to endless blending, contouring or even applying everyday makeup, the Airbase will help you achieved the airbrush finish in under 10 minutes (or even less!) and is here to stay ;)

About Airbase 
Airbase Makeup is the industry leader in airbrushing and is known for their ultra-weight application systems, which give an impeccably flawless and long-lasting finish. The brand is based in the UK and established by the lovely Judy Jaake, who also developed the amazing St.Tropez brand. The products are designed both for professional and at-home use, so even if you are not a professional make-up artist you can enjoy this revolutionary product.

Airbrushing is the next big make-up trend for everyone. It has been loved by the professional make-up artists since it creates a weather resistant make-up and sweat proof base which during photoshoots, filming or weddings is the ideal technique. 

How it works?
The airbrush system atomises the product into tiny particles, which are transferred onto the face without the need for brushes, making it the most hygienic mode of application. You put a few drops of your chosen foundation, blush or bronzer and apply it on the desired area. It can be used both for face and body- so if you want to paint a six pack, you can ;) 

The makeup
The airbase makeup is based on a silicone based formula along with Vitamins A & E. The makeup does not block your pores, and your skin can breathe which is very important to avoid breakouts and skin problems. The products are very light, so you don't need to worry about uneven coverage, or heavy looking make-up. It has been designed that no matter how much you apply, you will look stunning.

My opinion
I was very impressed by the Airbase event, and the Airbrushing kits. They are very easy to use, the airbrush compressor sprays on make-up evenly, and you can regulate the amount of coverage you get. The best part about this product is that you can mix your foundation shades, you can contour, conceal and literally do whatever you want. The foundation is available in 7 shades, blush in 2 shades and bronzer in 1 shade. Airbase also has regular make-up which is worth trying, *-*

Training & Availability
You can learn more about Airbase here, the at home set is available for £199 online and in Harrods. 

Ania's advice:
1. Try airbrushing technique
2. Experiment with make-up
3. Stay gorgeous


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