Benecos Launch & Favourites

Hi Gorgeous,
Last week I was invited to attend the launch event for Benecos cosmetics. The launch was great, featuring new skin and body care products. Benecos is a German brand, which focuses on natural make-up and body care products. The name Benecos stands for 'good cosmetics' in German and the beauty products are made with quality organic ingredients ensuring that the performance of the products is great. The best part about the products? They are not tested on animals, are vegetarian friendly and kind to the skin. 

What really caught my attention during the event were the brushes. I just wanted them all! Obviously they are eco-friendly, made with top quality synthetic Toray fibres, so that the brush is durable and is suitable for people with allergic skin as well as for vegans ;) They are obviously gorgeous too, with the bamboo elements which look amazing. My favourites were Powder Brush and the Blusher Brush as they made make-up application very easy, and distributed the products evenly.

Lipstick (Pink Rose) 
When I heard organic lipstick I must admit, I did not know what to expect. I was definitely positively surprised as it was not only durable, but it also moisturised my lips. After a whole day of wearing this lipstick, they did not need two days recovery, so it is going to my handbag essentials immediately. The Benecos lipsticks are infused with organic jojoba and sunflower oil which ensure that your lips are hydrated. They come in 10 shades, but the Pink Rose is my personal favourite.   

Lipgloss (Flamingo)
This lipgloss, like the lipstick is moisturising, and the 'glossy' effect looks perfect on the lips. The colours are bright and radiant, ideal for everyday as well as evening make-up. For daily use, I just applied a little bit but you can layer it if you want, and it will still look amazing. Available in 6 stunning shades.

Natural Eyebrow-Designer (Gentle Brown)
This is a great eyebrow pencil. It is easy to apply and blends in easily, with the brush. Perfect for blondes or brunettes to highlight and shape your eyebrows. Like all Benecos products, it is free from mineral oil like paraffin waxes, parabens, silicones, PEG and synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. 

Nail Polish (Cherry Red)
The nail polish range at Benecos seems to be endless, I tried the shade Cherry Red. Overall the nail polish is very durable, and two layers were enough to get the ideal finish. This nail polish actually looks like shellack on nails which if you want to save money is a major advantage. The most important thing of all is that it is free from the five harmful substances (Formaldehyde, Toluene, Phthalates, Camphor and Colophony). I was very impressed with the nail polish, as it was chip resistant, and had a glossy finish. 

Natural Nail Polish Remover 
The Natural Nail Polish Remover contains moisturising coconut oil and sweet almond oil which hydrate the nails when removing the nail polish. I tried it on Benecos' nail polishes. I did need to use more product, compared to my usual nail polish remover, but then again those are harmful and quite damaging, so this is still the better option. 

Try Benecos as it really does have great make-up products which are natural, cruelty free and have great prices! You can find Benecos products here!

Ania's advice
1. Read the ingredients of your beauty products
2. Try using natural products 
3. Try Benecos 


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