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A lot of my friends have been telling me lately that they cannot sleep due to stress, work overload or for no particular reason. The fast paced environment is the cause of this increase in insomnia in the society. So what can we do? Isolate ourselves from all the stressful situations? Unfortunately that is not the option... but I have good news for you! This post is all about remedies which will help you sleep. I tried them during weeks when I was stressed and during regular days, and I am actually amazed at how well these work.... Goodnight :)

Odyllique Lavender Cleansing Bar Sanctuary Spa Sleep Body Polish

Odyllique Lavender Cleansing Bar 
The Odylique Lavender Cleansing Bar is made with an organic lavender and extra virgin olive oil. The organic  products are great for your skin as they don't contain chemicals, parabens or any nasties. This bar is hydrating thanks to the olive oil, and of course it smells DIVINE. So before you do anything, run your shower, get in and use this bar of goodness to clean, hydrate and clear your mind. It lathers very well, moisturises the skin and leaves your skin smelling beautifully. If you are a soap addict you need this in your collection (Available here, £6). 

Sanctuary Spa Sleep Body Polish 
I got so addicted to this body polish that I use it almost everyday. The smell is just mind-blowing, it is composed of essential oils that clear your mind, reduce stress, tension and anxiety before going to sleep. It has a rich, creamy formula, so it feels very luxurious when using.

I love the packaging, as it is easy to use in the shower, and the deep purple fits in to the sleeping theme! Use this before going to sleep, massage in circular motion all over your body, close your eyes, and breathe in the divine mix of oils. (Available here, £8)

Clipper Sleep Easy Infusion 
After you take a shower, make yourself a cup of herbal infusion, my current favourite is the Sleep Easy Infusion from Clipper. It is made with a variety of herbs and spices such as cinnamon, chamomile, valerian, and other which are caffeine-free. They have calming and relaxing properties which will help you in getting your beauty sleep, and who does not love a hot cup of tea in bed? (Available here, £1.45)

Janjira Argan Massage Oil 
Whenever I cannot sleep, or I am stressed I reach out for a de-stressing massage oil. My current favourite is the massage oil from Janjira. It is made of Jan-Natural Complex, which is a natural extract that balances between Yin and Yang and it makes the oil smell so relaxing. It nourishes the skin, and helps in blood circulation. Another ingredient is one of my favourites- Sweet Almond Oil. It is well known for its beauty benefits, especially for nourishing the skin, it is not greasy and quickly absorbs into the skin which is another benefit. Last ingredient worth mentioning is the Marula Oil. It is rich in antioxidants, helping the skin recover, and leaves it feeling silky and smooth.

Many people think that massage oil is designed for massages only, but it can also be used as daily moisturiser instead of body lotions for instance. I actually prefer using oils as they contain better ingredients, are more effective in nourishing the skin and they help me unwind. Use Janjira oil after you step out of the shower and massage it in circular motion, breathing in the beautiful scent of Jan-Natural Complex. I guarantee you will love it and sleep throughout the night. (Available here, £26)

Maddi Alexander and This works Deep Sleep Dream Cream

This Works Sleep Dream Cream 
This cream is filled with a mix of essential oils, herbs which have stress relieving and relaxing properties. What is most important - it is a natural product, which means there is no artificial fragrance. The scent is a mix of lavender, chamomile, and Vetivert. Massage this cream into your body to hydrate, nourish and relax your body. Remember to breathe in the scent and enjoy the aromatherapy. I am a fan of this cream as it quickly sinks into your skin, repairs damaged skin and has a firming effect. (Available here, £18)

Maddi Alexander Pillow Spray 
This Pillow Spray is the perfect mix of lavender, geranium and essential oils which when put together create this calming pillow spray. Spray it on your pillow before going to sleep, and feel the aromatherapy working. Great product for stressful days or for nights when you simply cannot fall asleep. (Available here, £14, Free P&P+ free bath oil)

Ania's advice
1. Put your phone away 1 hour before going to sleep 
2. Use relaxing beauty products
3. Zzzzzz


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