Evolve Organic Beauty Tropical Body Polish & Radiant Glow Mask Review

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I don't know how about you, but I am loving this Christmas atmosphere in London. I love watching the stunning window shops, people buying gifts and the lovely offers that brands offer for the festive season. As you are all aware I am a fan of organic beauty, and lately I have been trying products from Evolve Organic Beauty, a brand that makes handmade, 100% organic products. 

Evolve Organic Beauty (link here) believes in making highest quality products, respecting the environment and of course it is against animal testing! I tried two products from their range a Radiant Glow Face Mask and a Tropical Body Polish, and I can honestly say that they are one of the best organic product I ever tried, not to mention the stunning packaging!

Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask 
Many people think that if a product is organic, it is not as effective. This is one of the biggest myths in the beauty industry. Organic products are not only better for your skin, but also for your health. This facemask is 100% organic, it is filled with raw cocoa powder, coconut oil, sugar, clay and organic Baobab seed oil. The clay purifies, the cocoa powder and sugar exfoliate and the oils nourish the skin. 

I used this mask on a cleansed face, preferably in the evenings as it has a delicious chocolate smell so combined with the rain outside and a hot cup of tea, it made the perfect evening. I left it on for 5-10 minutes and then washed it off with lukewarm water, massaging my face with circular motions to remove any dead skin cells. I am not sure when was the last time I felt so good after a face mask, my skin was perfectly smooth and glowing. This mask is a must-have, and I realise that I say it about quite a few products, so this mask is a MUST MUST have! (Available here, £18)

Evolve Organic Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Polish
There are two types of beauty lovers, ones who use scrub twice a week religiously, and the others who forget about exfoliating and when the summer comes they panic, use it twice and then forget about it for the next 8 months. Obviously I belong to the first group and I am always looking for a perfect body polish which will be thick, moisturising and harsh, as to be fair those are the most effective. The Body Polish from Evolve ticks all the boxes. It is filled with organic sugar which exfoliates, natural Tahitian coconut Monoi which is an anti-oxidant as well as almond oil *-* which leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. The body polish is fragranced with exotic Tahitian Blossoms of Gardenia. 

I used this product twice a week, even though I think one time would be enough as it is quite strong. I use it in the shower of course,  after using shower gel and washing it off, I switch off the water and in circular motions apply the scrub exfoliate the skin. I wash it off with warm water and enjoy silky smooth skin! Remember to enjoy the divine smell of Tropical Blossom whilst using the scrub. The body polish is filled with oil leaving your skin hydrated, so you don't need to apply moisturiser after. I would give this product a rating of 10/10! (Available here, £20)

Ania's winter advice:
1. Hot cup of tea
2. Favourite movie
3. Facemask *-*


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