February Favourites

Hello Gorgeous 
Its February favourites time again! I hope you enjoyed this month and made good use of the extra day we got! This month's favourites are all about skincare as that was my main focus during the last 4 weeks, so make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy my blog post! x

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream  
Lately my skin has been extremely dry so I decided that I need to use both day and night cream regularly. After I tried some products from Antipodes, I decided to try out the day cream. I am addicted to Manuka Honey and anything that has that spicy sweet smell. This cream is formulated with Vanilla, Manuka honey and Rosehip oil. Manuka is well known for its antibacterial properties and it also helped me with calming any breakouts. The Vitamin A + C also help to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles. 

It is light but at the same time hydrating. I found it to be a nice makeup base when I wanted a subtle, natural look, without using a primer. It kept my skin hydrated throughout the day and I noticed an improvement in my skin condition (Available from Feelunique, £27.99).

Ermana Natural Skincare Cleanse Balm 
Lately there is a lot of hype in the beauty world when it comes to cleansing balms and double cleansing. This month's favourite balm is from Ermana Natural Skincare as it is made with great organic ingredients - 3 butters, cocoa, Shea and coconut; blended with almond oil and beeswax and essential oils. 

The balm comes in a cute glass pot, available in 2 sizes. The one that I have is perfect for traveling or gym, and it is very efficient as you only need a little bit to remove your makeup. It has a delicate natural smell, as the product is organic and it is not artificially fragranced. I used this cleansing balm every evening to remove all the makeup, using a small amount, and massaging it into the skin, then using a muslim cloth to cleanse the skin. This balm is a great skincare product which deeply cleanses the skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing. Definitely a skincare must- have! You can get it from an online beauty store Au Sujet De Vert, (£8).  

34.4 Face Tonic no.3
I have been using this toner from 34.4 for the last 2 months so it is almost empty actually. What influenced me to buy it was the divine smell of fresh lavender. This toner is 100% natural and contains no alcohol. I usually use it in the evening after cleansing my face, to ensure that my face is clean and prepped for the moisturiser. I always liked lavender in beauty products, as not only it has a beautiful smell, but it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties (Available from 34.4 website, £15)

Lush Let The Good Times Roll
This is my new discovery from Lush. The scrub smells like a mix of sugar, popcorn and cinnamon, and honestly you just want to eat it (please don't!) It is gently exfoliating, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated, I used it twice a week as even though I was advised in the store to use it everyday, I think it would be too much.

You can also use it for body, but personally I prefer something harsher like a sugar scrub. The reason why I always go back to the Lush stores is the quality of the products, the effects they have on skin and the fact that they are natural (Available from Lush, £6.95) 

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream
During the extreme weather conditions I noticed that my skin got very dry, especially around the chin area so I've been looking for the perfect remedy and found this cream. It hydrated my skin, and made the dry patches go away. It can also be used on spots, irritated areas, and on flaky skin, and can be used as often as needed. It is very convenient as it comes in a 30 ml tube and so it quickly became my handbag essential as I could use it after a workout, or when traveling to fix my skin when needed.  (Available from Boots, £2.09)

Ania's advice:
1. If you have dry skin, skip the toner in the morning 
2. Use a cleanser in the morning and in the evening 
3. Be happy 


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