My First Laser Hair Removal Experience With Pulse Light

Hello Stunning!
I have been wanting to try laser hair removal for ages now, and recently I was invited to try it at the Pulse Light Clinic in London. I choose to do Underarm hair removal and was really looking forward to the results. To be honest I was a bit uncertain as I have blonde hair and everyone told me that it would not work. 

Patch Test
First step of the laser hair removal is a patch test. A patch test is basically testing how your skin will react to the laser treatment so a small skin patch is being tested. The area is cleaned with a wet wipe, you get the laser protective glasses (as seen on the picture above) and then the treatment is done by a professional. The laser is placed on the skin and you will feel a 'zap', which hurts a little (as if someone was  releasing a rubber band on your skin). Then the laser is moved to cover the whole area. The Patch test lasts literally 10 seconds and Aloe Vera is placed on the treated area. 

1st Treatment
You need to wait 48h before the next treatment. I had no side effects after the patch test so I signed up for my treatment 3 days later. The treatment is very similar to the patch test, except the fact that a larger area is covered. The whole underarm treatment lasted maybe 2 minutes. I was really surprised by the speed and the low pain level, as I really expected it to be similar to waxing treatments. 

Results So Far 
After around 2 weeks the hair starts falling out and I noticed that it is a lot weaker as well. Previously I would need to shave maybe every 2-3 days, whereas now its every 5-7 days. I am really looking forward to the next treatments! More updates will follow!

Special Offer:
6 Underarm + 6 Peri Anal + 6 Hollywood = £480

Ania's advice:
1. Try laser hair removal
2. Focus on skincare 
3. Start your Xmas Shopping 


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