AEOS Optimal Essentials Review

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Hope you are enjoying the first week of November. My week has been so busy that I haven't even noticed that we are already in November. I have been running around the press events, doing projects for university and I had literally no time for anything. I recently tried some new products, which were great and even thought I was tight on time, I always find the time for beauty :)

The products you see on the picture are from AEOS(Active Energised Organic Skincare). I am sure you will like the products with their unique three phase system which encapsulates the living energy of the natural ingredients. Enjoy!

AEOS Philosophy
AEOS is an organic brand, and its products are created with extracts and essential oils of herbs and plants in such a way that they bring new life and vitality to the soil in which they grow. AEOS has life giving properties which translate into healthy skin, and well-being of our own natures. The products are organic, contain no toxins and are made using the innovative technology using tocopherois (Vit E) from natural sources.

AEOS was created 'for the woman seeking her own mystery and beauty. For a new world waiting for us to bring more out of who we are into being. Dynamic. Exceptional. Even revolutionary' (Mike Booth)

About AEOS
Active - the products and ingredients used are alive. They have been sourced from soil which has been nourished and activated. The enzymes that are present in AEOS skincare are known for their active properties.

Energised - the manufacturer of AEOS uses a unique energising process to enhance each element contained within AEOS products. The primary intention within all products is that they will only activate for the 'greater good' of the person using the products.

Organic - the ingredients are sourced from AEOS' biodynamic farm, and the other ingredients are taken from other organic and biodynamic farms around the world.

Skincare - AEOS introduced the new concept of three phase system. The inclusion of cutting edge spagyric tinctures of crystal energies together with the waveforms of colour make this a range that offers more than just skincare.

3 Phase System 
AEOS products are designed to be used as a 3 phase system to allow the products to penetrate deeper into the skin and to have the best possible effects. 


Phase 1 Renewal (Cleansing)
Gentle Cleansing Lotion or Dew Facial Wash
Use the gentle lotion to clean your face after the night. The herbal smell is perfect for the morning as it helps me wake up and makes me feel fresh and ready to go. On the days when I was in a rush I used the Dew Facial Wash as I could just spray it on a cotton pad, wipe my face and apply my moisturiser. 

Phase 2 Rebalance (Moisturise)
Energising Conditioner
When you have cleansed your face, apply the Energising Conditioner, which will bring the right balance to your skin. This is a very important part of the beauty regime as it influences how your make-up will look. 

Refreshing Hydrating Mist
Follow the conditioner with a the Refreshing Hydrating Mist. I am a fan of mists, and I realise that many people do not understand their purpose. I use them everyday before using make-up or throughout the day when I want to revive my look. I really liked this hydrating mist, and I think this was one of my favourites from this set. Whenever sprayed it, I immediately fresh (if you know what I mean), definitely a must have. 

Phase 3 Replenish (Regeneration)
Enriched Moisturiser (Blue)
The final phase of the morning routine is applying the enriched moisturiser to nourish your skin, and give it all the nutrients it needs for the day. I only applied a little bit as it was very efficient. I left it on for 1 minute to let it sink in and then followed with make-up. This moisturiser is perfect as it is quite light, so it did not make me skin feel greasy, but it provided just the right amount of moisture my skin needed.


Phase 1 Renewal (Cleansing)
Cleansing Oil De Maq
First remove all your make up using the Cleansing Oil. This oil efficiently melted all the make-up including mascara. It is quite a light oil so it can be easily distributed on the face and it smells of lemongrass and herbs. 

Dew Facial Wash 
Use the facial wash to remove any remaining make-up and oil. It is very refreshing and I like the cleansing oil it smells of lemongrass.  

Phase 2 Rebalance (Moisturise)
Refreshing Hydrating Mist
Spray your face with the Refreshing Hydrating Mist and let it sink in... 

Phase 3 Replenish (Regeneration) 
Enriched Moisturiser (Blue)
Apply the moisturiser

Realive Serum (Blue)
Using a serum is a very important part of the evening routine, so after you apply your moisturiser, a serum shouldd follow. It provides your skin with nutrients and hydrates it so that your skin can regenerate during your beauty sleep. I loved this serum, it felt very luxurious when using and one pump was enough to cover my face. 

Results from using this range
This is a lovely range, and I am glad I could try all of the products. When I was using these products, and following the three phase system, I could see improvements in my skin. It felt moisturised, and most importantly it was glowing. I found that the routine was very relaxing and calming which after these stressful days was exactly what I needed. My favourites from this range were the Enriched Moisturiser, Face Wash, Refreshing Hydrating Mist and the Realive Serum :)

Have you tried AEOS? (Available here, £68)

Ania's advice
1. Invest in organic skincare
2. Try 3 phase system
3. Remember to relax 


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