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As you saw on my Instagram, I received a stunning Halloween surprise from IIAA just before halloween. The package included a set of amazing products for skincare, haircare, and makeup from Environ, Advanced Nutrition Programme and jane iredale. IIAA (International Institute for Anti-Agein) provides products to both professionals and beauty therapists and focuses on a philosophy Feed Fortify and Finish. Feed the skin using the Advanced Nutrition Programme Supplements, Fortify the skin with skincare products from Environ and achieve a perfect Finish with the pure mineral make-up by jane iredale.

jane iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain (Shade Forever Peach) 
This is a multipurpose product from jane iredale. You can use it as a both Lip and Cheek stain, saving time as well as space in your makeup bag! It is a very fascinating product as it will look different on every person, and the colour that develops depends on your mood or skin temperature. It reacts with the skin, creating a vibrant lip or cheek colours. 

jane iredale's makeup is mineral, and has great skin benefits. It contains rose flower wax, beeswax, avocado butter and olive butter which make it nourishing and hydrating, ensuring that your lips not only look good but also feel good. The product has a delicate pomegranate flavour, which also acts like an antioxidant. I liked using it on my lips as it kept them hydrated, and added a vibrant colour.  You can use it either alone, over a lip pencil or under a lipgloss. Available from IIAA Website, £22 for a full size. 

jane iredale PureLash Extender Conditioner 
If you have been using too many strip lashes, too many layers of mascara or you feel that your eyelashes need some loving, you should try this PureLash Extender Conditioner. 

It contains ingredients such as algae extracts which helps to condition and protects lashes, reduces splitting and breaking and enhances growth; panthenol which conditions the lashes; wheat protein which straightens the lashes. 

I liked using it before applying the mascara as it worked perfectly as a primer, adding length and a bit of volume to the lashes and protecting them from the mascara coats. Over 2 weeks of using, I noticed that my lashes were softer, hydrated and looked healthier. It can be used on both lashes and eyelashes and it works great as an overnight treatment! Available from IIAA Website, £16 for a full size. 

Environ Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules 
These capsules are a night treatment which energises the skin and increases free radical defence. The product is loved by many celebrities such as Poppy Delavigne and Emilia Fox. The capsules include ingredient such as vitamin A (Retinol), vitamin C (boosts collagen) which have antioxidant properties and normalise the skin. The Green Tea extract and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants which help to neutralise the damaging effect of free radicals. 

I was very excited to try these capsules as I am a fan of serums and skin capsules. Each capsule lasts for one application and should be applied on face and neck. It absorbed quickly and didn't stain  the bedsheets so you can go to sleep straightaway and let the capsules do their magic overnight. Overall, the capsules hydrated my skin and reduced the uneven skin tone which improved after every use. The skin felt smooth and the capsules were a great remedy when my skin was looking dull and tired. Available after consultation from IIAA Website, £44 for 30 capsules. 

Environ Intensive Avance 312  
Although this product is designed for a more mature age group, I wanted to see how it will react with my skin. It is formulated with 3 peptide complexes which keep your skin looking younger for longer. Peptides are an essential ingredient in anti-ageing products as they help to smooth down any lines and wrinkles and restore collagen levels. The Environ Avance is also filled with moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acids which restore the skin's moisture. 

I used it as a night cream, and I felt that it really nourished my skin. Over the testing time, I also noticed that the skin around my lips and on my forehead look firmer even though I don't have any strong fine lines yet. It is a great product for an older age group, and I would recommend it as a Christmas gift for your mother, aunt or an older friend. Available after consultation from the IIAA Website, £ 75 for 30ml. 

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vit A+
We all know that Vitamin A is an essential vitamin to having a healthy and glowing skin. It is essential for cell production and repair, and it helps to prevent collagen breakdown, maintaining skin's firmness. It also promotes better moisture levels, and balances the oil in the skin. The supplement also contains Vitamin D which is quite difficult to get, especially if you live in the rainy London. Vitamin D is also a vital ingredient as it has anti-ageing properties, protects the skin from bacterial infections and promotes cell growth. 

After using it for two weeks my skin felt healthier, an I noticed a decrease in breakouts. It is definitely a skin supplement that helps to maintain healthy skin, especially in the winter months. Available from the IIAA Website , £19.95 for 60 capsules.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas +
The Skin Omegas contain omega 3 and 6, and is enriched with vitamin A, supporting skin health. Filled with fatty acids, fish oil, and evening primrose oil the supplement works to bring you a healthy and luminous complexion. They help to prevent moisture loss and play and essential role in formulation of cell walls. Since my skin is usually dry, I need the help of supplements to maintain high moisture levels and prevent moisture loss. I really liked this supplement as it made my skin radiant and hydrated, ready for make-up application. Available from the IIAA Website, £28 for 60 capsules. 

Ania's advice:
1. Invest in skincare supplements 
2. Focus on your eyelashes and brows 
3. Listen to Christmas songs! 


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