Christmas Makeup with Jane Iredale

Hello Stunning!
We have only one week until Christmas so I hope you have already started planning your Christmas outfit! I always leave it until the last minute and then struggle to choose a makeup that would go well with it... This time I wanted to create a short tutorial for a beautiful Christmas makeup which you can all do at home using products from jane iredale.

Step 1: Active Light Under Eye Concealer (Shade no.2)
An absolute makeup must - concealer! Apply concealer around the eyes and on the eyelids to brighten the eye area. Available here, £25. 

Step 2: Powder Foundation Radiant Pure Pressed Base (Shade: Golden Glow 
Apply the powder foundation on the whole face and neck using a brush in round motion. Make sure you cover the eyes as well to create an even base for the eyeshadow. Available from here, £32

Steps 3: Eyeshadow, Smooth Affair For The Eyes (Shade: Gold) 
Apply the eyeshadow on top of the eye lid. This is a creamy eyeshadow which means that it is more long lasting and won't leave the shadow dust on your cheeks. You can layer the eyeshadow for a more dramatic effect. In order to brighten the eye area, apply it also under the bottom lash and in the corner of your eye. Available from here, £22. 

Step 4: Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara 
This mascara is great as you can either go for a natural or a dramatic look. It lengthens as well as thickens your eyelashes, as you can see from my photos! The lashes look so divine and thick, that I was asked if I am wearing strip lashes. I definitely recommend layering it to achieve such an amazing effect. Available from here, £26.

Step 5: Lipdefiner (Shade:Rose)
I love to apply lip liner on the entire area of the lips as it is just more long-lasting and during Christmas dinners you are usually too busy to constantly reapply your lipstick. Draw around the contour of the lips and then fill it evenly to achieve this gorgeous matte look. Available from here, £13.

Ania's advice:
1. Start wrapping your gifts 
2. Try different looks before Christmas!
3. Sing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'


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